Al. I. Cuza" University, Iaşi


Department of Philosophy


Chair of Communication Sciences



Project IDEI cod CNCSIS 80, 2009-2011



 Research topics



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Last updated:  September 17, 2011





Professor Constantin SĂLĂVĂSTRU:

1. Language and Participatory Democracy: How do Politicians Communicate with Citizens?

2. Types of Errors in Local Political Discourse.

3. Strategies of argumentation used in the public debates (the third year of the contract).

Associate Professor Gheorghe-Ilie FÂRTE, PhD:

1. The Mediatization of the Politics: A Risk for Democracy.

2. New Media and New Publics in Political Communication.

3. Discursive Cues and Cultural Values in a Self-Governing Society.

Lecturer Ioan-Alexandru GRĂDINARU, PhD:

1. The Referendum as a Form of Participatory Democracy.

2. The Paradox of Non-Involvement: Theoretical Limits and Practical Issues.

3. The Paradox of Participation. The Power of Dominance and the Power of Change (the third year of the contract).

Lecturer Mihaela LUPU, PhD:

1. Language and Social Interaction at Local Level.

2. The Political Control and the Manipulation in the Relationships between Local Power and Citizens.

3. Linguistic resources used in stylistic and argumentation strategies in the politicians' discourse (the third year of the contract).

Lecturer  Sorina CHIPER:

1. Symbolic Power in Participatory Democracy.

2. Discursive Genres in Power-Citizens Communication Patterns.

3. Participatory Democracy on the Borders of Europe: A Multimodal Approach to Local Council Meetings in Eastern Romanian Villages

4. Rosia Montana and its Publics: Governance and Participatory Democracy at Community and Corporate Level (the third year of the contract).

Researcher Dr. Viorel ŢUŢUI, PhD:

1. The "Deliberative Turn" in the Controversies on the Theory of Democracy.

2. Democratic Deliberation Procedures: Theoretical and Practical Issues.

3. How should we deliberate? Between the argumentative and the representative dimensions of democratic deliberation (the third year of the contract).