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Ioan-Alexandru GRĂDINARU
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The Seminar of Discursive Logic, Theory of Reasoning and Rhetoric

Last update: july 1, 2009




Ioan-Alexandru GRĂDINARU (n. 1977) obtained his Ph.D. in Philosophy in 2008 with a thesis on contemporary american philosophy (advisor: Prof. Constantin Sălăvăstru). Currently he is lecturer in the Chair of Communication Scieces, Department of Philosophy, "Al. I. Cuza" University, Iassy. His competence fields include philosophy of language, epistemology, logic and communication theory. He is a member of the Seminar of Discursive Logic, Theory of Reasoning and Rhetoric. He has published papers in the philosophy of language and epistemology, communication theory.


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               Address: 11 Carol I Blv., Iassy, Romania

               Phone: (40) 232 264 122

               Email: alexgradinarutep@yahoo.com


bullet Online papers

(2002a) „Philosophy and (as)...Mirror of Nature – What is beyond the Representationalist Paradigm?” in Hermeneia, no. 2-3, pp.73-79. (.htm) (in Romanian)

(2003) „The Philosophical Discourse as a Logical and Linguistic Reconstruction of What There Is: The Case Quine”, in Argumentum, no. 2, 2003/2004, pp. 51-76. (.pdf) (in Romanian)

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