Dear BA, MA and Ph.D. students,

The Faculty of Philosophy and Social – Political Sciences, during its 158 years of existence, has become an active presence, acknowledged in the national and international academic environment, as proof being the tight reports that we maintain with the universities in consortium (Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara) and with the foreign ones. The quality of educational services and the strictness in scientific research represents the reason of all that occurs in FPSPS. The programs of university studies offered to the students from BA, MA and Ph.D. School are adaptive and flexible, harmonized with those of the faculties of profile from the important universities in the country and the foreign ones, but also proactive precisely because we also take into account the necessities and exigencies of the labor market. We offer our students a stimulative environment for studying, of high quality, the openness towards new representing an advantage of our demarche. We have the certainty that the educational course taken by our BA, MA and Ph.D. students represents not just a launcher for a successful career, but also a way of shaping their personality as future specialists in the multiple specializations that we are offering. The graduates from FPSPS are to be found in the most diverse positions, starting from the presidential administration, parliament, councils of the county and the local ones, institutions of higher education, of high school and special education till NGO’s.

Welcome and success wishes you, on the behalf of the teaching staff from FPSPS,


Univ. Ph.D. Prof. Nicu Gavriluţă

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