Faculty Council:

It is the managerial authority of the faculty. It defines the development strategy, it releases the course outline, it recommends the number of students to attend classes by specializations and types of education, it approves subjects intended for BA, MA and Ph.D. programs, it validates heads of departments, and it establishes scholarship amounts per each specialization, within assigned funds. It is made up of representatives of the faculty departments, as well as student representatives.

Faculty Executive Board:

It is the executive authority of the faculty. It is made up of the faculty dean, the faculty vice-deans and the faculty chancellor. This board coordinates the current activities of the faculty.

Faculty Dean:

He is responsible for the quality of the whole education and research process within the faculty. He coordinates the activity of the Faculty Council and he is the president of the Faculty Council.

Faculty Vice-Deans and Faculty Chancellor:

They are responsible for and coordinate those fields of activity having been assigned to them.

Senior Administrator:

He has delegation of authority to take decision regarding the administration of the faculty. He is a member of several commissions dealing with the student accommodation, student scholarships and student camps, as well as with establishing required conditions to reimbursement of travel tickets, and he is delegated by the faculty dean to organize appropriate activities. He is responsible for releasing order of accommodation and he provides all information on the accommodation procedures of the faculty. He cooperates with students towards social and student activities.

Secretary’s Office:

Coordinated by the head secretary, the secretary’s office deals with the management of academic records within faculty. It provides for relationships with the Rector’s Office, the faculties of our university and other higher education institutions as well. It disseminates and applies all decisions released by the faculty governance and by the university board.

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