Welcome to the Doctoral School in Philosophy and Socio-Political Sciences (DSPSPS) at « ALEXANDRU IOAN CUZA » UNIVERSITY OF IASI.


The DSPSPS has a strong interdisciplinary character, open to the latest research in these areas, which can boast with great international achievements: participations in conferences and forums, publications, and numerous joint supervisions with prestigious universities from Europe. The DSPSPS has four doctoral programs: Philosophy, Sciences of Communication, Sociology, and Political Sciences, but the strength of this PhD program lies in the diversity of its specializations. PhD student can chose a major or a minor field in the areas the department offers: Comparative Politics, International Relations, EU policies and institutions, International Relations, Security Studies, Electronic government, Public policies, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Contemporary philosophy, Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Ethics, Axiology, Philosophy of Culture and Intercultural Communication, Classical German Philosophy, Philosophy of religion, Sociology of the family, Sociology of health, Sociology of religions, social anthropology, and more others.

Our mission is to help students like you to develop theoretical and research skills in order to become internationally recognize scholars, competitive university teachers, and leaders for the 21st century. In order to achieve this, you will take courses in theory and methodology, can spend a semester abroad to another university, gain teaching experience, and, finally, you will realize a significant original research, your doctoral thesis.

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                           Communication Sciences

                           Political sciences


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1. Methods for Writing a Scientific Paper (common discipline)

2. Theories of Argumentation and Interpretation (Philosophy module)

3. Paradigms of Knowledge and Communication (Sociology, Political Science, and Sciences of Communication Module)

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- Registration: September 4-8, 2023;

- Selection of the candidates: September 11- September 13;

- Initial results: September 14;

- Appeals (only for the written exam): September 15;

- Results after the appeals: September 18;

- Final list of admitted candidates: September 19;

- Confirmation of places: September 20 and 22.


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