1.  Methodology governing admission

The way of organizing the competition for admission to doctoral university studies is regulated at institutional level:

Regulations for the organization and conduct of admission to doctoral studies for the academic year 2023-2024

2. Fields of doctoral studies

The Doctoral School of Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences organizes doctoral studies in four fields:


Details regarding the doctoral supervisors, belonging to each of the four fields of study and to the topics proposed by them for the potential candidates found in the section  Coordinators and research topics.

3. Calendar of the admission to doctoral studies for the academic year 2023-2024:

- Registration: September 4-8, 2023;

- Selection of the candidates: September 11- September 13;

- Initial results: September 14;

- Appeals (only for the written exam): September 15;

- Results after the appeals: September 18;

- Final list of admitted candidates: September 19;

- Confirmation of places: September 20 and 22.

4. Admission exam will consist in :

- a written examination (50%);

- interview/ an oral presentation on the chosen doctoral theme (50%).

The written examination will contain subjects regarding the themes and bibliography by each field of doctoral studies: PHILOSOPHY, SOCIOLOGY, POLITICAL SCIENCES, SCIENCES OF COMMUNICATION.

The interview is based on the research proposal and will take part in the presence of the potential coordinator.

The final grade of the candidate is constituted by the arithmetic mean between the written and the oral examination. The minimal admission grade is 8 (eight).

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